Album Cover: A Girl in Motion

What are some of the most striking album covers you can remember? What about them pulls you in? What does that picture communicate? Why do you want to open the album and press play?

While reflecting on my favorite album covers, I realized they had something in common: forward motion. Perhaps the person was still but the dress was blowing in the wind. Or the person was on the move toward something that called out to them, beckoning them forward. That motion speaks to me, a girl who needs to be in motion to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

I get antsy when I sit still for too long. I like to be on my feet, moving around, flitting from activity to activity. I find joy in motion, in rushing water, and blowing wind, and moving trains, and crackling embers.

But here's the thing: if we're constantly in forward motion and don't take time to reflect on how we've come to where we are, those struggling seasons lose their purpose, and we more easily get lost inside them.

The woman in this picture is looking ahead while letting go of what's behind her, but she understands that every season in her past helped her to grow into who she is in this season. And she's grateful for that. She's not pushing away her past but rather loosening her grip, trusting that Peace is there, that Beauty reigns in each season.

She looks forward, the sun in her eyes, the brightness a bit blinding because she knows there's joy ahead, but she can't see what precisely will happen or who will be in her path. Her necklaces are slightly off-kilter because she is learning that perfectionism and preparedness are not synonymous (and also, it was really windy when we took photos 🙃).

I'm still growing into that woman, the one who looks ahead with excitement even though she doesn't know what's on the other side of the blinding sun. There's a season for that girl, and I think it's the one I'm stepping into.