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Episode 002 | God's Personal Pursuit

We're often told that God is pursuing our hearts, but what does this actually look like? Because we are uniquely made, his pursuit is specific to each of us. In this week's episode, we'll explore the idea of God's personal pursuit, and I'll share some ways you can more intentionally ponder the ways God has been pursuing you throughout your life.


Recipe: Texas Ranger Cookies

Texas Ranger Cookies
Download PDF • 48KB

Book: God is Beauty (Karol Wojtyla/St. John Paul II)

Reflection Questions:

  • Is there something that brings you a lot of joy that may seem odd to other people?

  • What were you drawn to as a child?

  • What brings out your inner child?

  • What makes you come alive?

  • What is your favorite way to pray?

  • What is your favorite way to play?

  • What could you do, look at, or experience for a long stretch of time without getting bored?

  • What simple things bring a smile to your face?


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