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Episode 015 | Navigating Secular Media (instead of rejecting it)

Stop rejecting media without a "Christian" label on it. Fighting words, I know, but I feel strongly about this. Instead of rejecting the world we live in and the media in that world, we must learn how to navigate it. That's why we need to develop "virtue lenses." In this week's episode, I share why outright rejection of the world is unhelpful, my experience with finding the good in secular media, and how to develop (and help the next generation develop) the skills necessary to see the true, good, and beautiful in movies, books, and TV shows.




Pints with Aquinas - Interview with Sarah Mackenzie (Spotify, Apple)

Read-Aloud Revival - Creativity (Spotify, Apple)

Read-Aloud Revival - Fairytales (Spotify, Apple)



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