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Episode 016 | My Favorite Books, Movies, and TV Shows

After encouraging you to see the true, good, and beautiful in the media you engage with, I wanted to share some of my favorites! This is another "list" episode that is fun and lighthearted and will hopefully make you smile. And I can guarantee you'll walk away with some new things to watch and read. Happy listening!

Everything mentioned in this episode can be found below.



The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster)

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket) [13 books in the series]

Uglies, Pretties, Specials (Scott Westerfeld) [Trilogy]

The Mediator Series (Meg Cabot) [6 books in the series]

The Awakening of Miss Prim (Natalia Sanmartín Fenollera)

With This Pledge (Tamera Alexander) [favorite author, have read most of her books]

The Lacemaker (Laura Frantz) [favorite author, have read most of her books]

The Ballantyne Legacy Series (Laura Frantz) [Trilogy]

These Beautiful Bones (Emily Stimpson Chapman)

God is Beauty (John Paul II, Christopher West)

The Lifegiving Home (Sally and Sarah Clarkson)


Cinderella (live-action remake, 2015)

Ever After

The Sound of Music

The Holiday

The Incredibles (1 and 2)

TV Shows:

Little Bear The Magic Schoolbus


Curious George Franklin

Downton Abbey

Miss Scarlet & The Duke

All Creatures Great & Small

The Great British Baking Show

America's National Parks (from National Geographic)


Listen on:


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