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Episode 022 | The Lie: Fertility & Motherhood are a burden.

Fertility and motherhood are often viewed as obstacles to fulfillment for women. We would be so much happier if we could just shut off our pesky cycles, right? We would be able to chase our dreams if kids didn't get in the way, right? This week's episode explores why these ideas are complete lies and how our fertility and motherhood are enormous gifts bestowed upon us by a loving God.


Episode 021 | Why I Left Feminism Behind

Episode 022 | Lie #1: Fertility and Motherhood are a burden.

Episode 023 | Lie #2: Women must be more like men to be fulfilled.

Episode 024 | Lie #3: We are made for individuality.


Book Recommendation: These Beautiful Bones (Emily Stimpson Chapman)

Prayer: Make My Soul Your Home (Sisters of Life)


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