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Episode 023 | The Lie: Women must be more like men to be fulfilled.

Throughout much of history, women have experienced oppression at the hands of men. In response, when women grew tired, they attempted to solve this problem by becoming more like the men they didn't like. Has that worked out in their favor? I would say no.

In order for men to be the best and most authentically masculine versions of themselves, women need to be authentically feminine (the way God defines femininity, not the way the world does). How do our bodies teach us about our femininity? How can living in our true feminine identity create space for better men and better women to arise in our culture? Let's talk about it.


021 | Why I Left Feminism Behind

022 | Lie #1: Fertility and Motherhood are a burden.

023 | Lie #2: Women must be more like men to be fulfilled.

024 | Lie #3: We are made for individuality.




The Sisters of Seaview (by Julie Klassen)


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