Humility, you sneaky friend.

When I learned that I would be re-recording all the vocals on my album, I was frustrated to say the least. I felt like a failure, like I had failed at the thing I’m supposed to be best at: singing. Why couldn’t I just do it right? Why didn’t it turn out perfectly the first time?

This recording process has been H U M B L I N G beyond belief. And I think that’s exactly where I have needed to grow the most in this season with my music. Humility doesn’t mean that I think I’m a terrible singer. It means that I acknowledge the gift and say, “This gift is really good. But I can’t use it well without you, God.”

So often, I try to do things on my own, either because I think I should be able to OR because I think that God doesn’t care about something I deem insignificant. Both are lies. I am not made to do anything without Him. And He does, in fact, care about the details of my life because He crafted them.

I'm recording at ManAlive Studios in Franklin, TN. They are an amazing team to work with.

Yesterday, when I was in the studio re-recording a few songs, it was the most FUN and JOYFUL day I’ve had in the studio so far. I was able to say, “God, I can’t do this without you and I don’t want to.” The first song, the one I was most confident on, took 4 hours. #humility The song I was most worried about took 45 minutes. By that point, I was relaxed and knew this music wasn’t for me or about me at all.

I’m writing this little novel to say that I am so grateful for this chance to re-record, for the opportunity to go back into the studio with more humility and a better understanding of the purpose of this music. The songs sound so. much. better. and I cannot wait to share the finished project with you