There is a Season.

Growing up in Indiana, I had the privilege of experiencing all four seasons every single year. Actually, because I grew up in Indiana, I sometimes experienced all four seasons in a 48-hour time period. Oh, that midwestern life. I took this for granted because it was all I knew, but in the last few years, I've begun to see how nature's seasons can help us better reflect on and grow from what I call the "heart seasons" or the "seasons of life."

I was lucky to experience melting snow fading away to allow cherry blossoms to grow on the tree in my front yard. To see leaves light the forest on fire in the Fall. To wear shorts that one week in February when the winter gives us a break and gives us a taste of what's coming (after the usual gray-ness that March brings).

And now I see how those changes in season help us to move through the toughest seasons in our life. Just like the colorful leaves float down from the trees, we sometimes lose our vibrancy as we head into a season that purifies us, shocks our system a bit, and leaves us in desperate need of pruning. But then after the snow coats the dead leaves, it too melts. And like the melting snow, that sorrow will eventually fade away.

These seasons of life aren't as cut and dry as nature's seasons. They aren't associated with months on a calendar or movements of the sun (though I am generally a much happier person in the summer). But these heart seasons, like nature's seasons, work together to shape our lives, transforming us from the inside out. And the hardest of seasons is still filled with purpose and value, even in the midst of aching hearts and endless questions.

This is all fine and beautiful, but what does this have to do with my album? Well... everything, actually. And that's why I've chosen this title: There is a Season.

When I was compiling the songs for my debut album, I noticed that the first four I had already picked shared a theme of seasons, most of them mentioning one of the four seasons in the song. So I rolled with that theme and began hunting for other songs to fill the final two spots. It's only in the last few months that I realized how many different heart seasons have carried me through the creation of this album. Though I launched crowdfunding last September, the idea for this album had been rolling around in my head for some time.

The idea came in the midst of a season where I lacked encouragement from someone whose opinion really mattered to me. So I shut it down. But then, I let that person go and entered into a season of freedom and creativity, a season when I allowed myself to dream. The dreaming led to doing. And then "the doing" was a multi-season process, including great consolation and also a very dry, heartache-filled season. Each of those seasons, and all the ones in between, contribute to the final version of this album and to the person I am in my current season.

I sincerely hope that this album meets you in your current season, that a particular song or lyric will speak to you and perhaps offer you a simpler way of looking at the mess that life feels like sometimes. If you're asking a lot of questions right now, it's okay. If you are jumping for joy every morning, I wish I could throw confetti with you. Wherever your heart is right now, I hope you can remember that, for everything, there is a season.